“Penny: Hands I Passed Through…Things I saw…Stories I Can Tell!” by Peter Davidson


Peter Davidson
Sweet Memories Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9780976271895
Reviewed by Valicia France for Reader Views (10/18)

“Penny: Hands I Passed Through…Things I saw…Stories I Can Tell!” by Peter Davidson is about the very special Penny, in its own opinion and that of several of the books characters. Penny was the very last one-cent piece that was minted of 95% copper. This book kept true to its title as Penny passed through many hands, saw many things, and witnessed many interesting events.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, such that I did so in just two sittings. I could’ve done it in one if I didn’t have ‘sponsibilites to handle. Anyhow, the author kept me engaged for the entire story, with interesting details provided at every point of Penny’s journey. I met a series of characters from many walks of life, shared moments of worry with Penny, in addition to many moments of intrigue.

The author was descriptive enough without it being overkill, providing just the right amount of character and scene development for most of the book. I even laughed out loud during several scenes. Also, the book was sprinkled with some very interesting facts about the penny throughout.

My absolute favorite story was about the mysterious lady that Penny hilariously referred to as Library Face. I spent the entire scene trying to figure out what Library Face was up to, with her odd habits and secretive behavior. Believe me when I say, you probably won’t figure it out until the end, and if you did, you deserve a medal!

My second favorite character was a college professor. He reminded me of myself when I read the line about his Precision Timing: “…for his first class of the day, that starts at 9 a.m., he arrives in his office precisely at 8:55, grabs his textbook and lecture notes and charges down the hallway; arriving at his classroom at precisely 8:59:59.” And it kept getting better from there. I commend the author on the development of many interesting characters.

While I enjoyed most of the book, there were a few characters and conversations that didn’t ring true, particularly with a young married man in one scene and an older gentleman at a bar in another scene. Another thing that I found hard to process given the earlier light, jovial nature of most of the previous stories was when the book took a darker turn. The shift in gears was hard to process and put a damper on my reading experience.

I do think this book would be enjoyed by a variety of readers, especially those who want a light, entertaining and somewhat educational read. It is slightly inappropriate in certain parts for underaged readers; there are some light references to sexual activity and criminal acts.

Overall, I highly recommend “Penny” by Peter Davidson as a unique, surprisingly enjoyable, and creative read.

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