“How To Get Your Dog To Eat” by Mary DiTosto


Mary DiTosto
CreateSpace (2017)
ISBN 9781973839521
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (10/18)

Being a lover of all animals, I chose to review this book.  I love tigers, panthers, lions, cats, elephants, snakes, and yes, even dogs. I simply just love life manifesting itself through nature, whether we like it or not. But getting “nature” like a dog, to do something is very interesting; hence the title of this book, “How To Get Your Dog To Eat” by Mary DiTosto.

Now, right from the beginning of this book, I love that fact that the author states that she’s not a veterinarian or expert, but simply a person that has had a lot of experiences with her animals, and that might include learning quite a bit from many veterinarian visits. She’s the owner of a Yorkipoo, by the name of Sadie, and she does exhibit pictures of her dog on every page, in different attires…lol.

I also love the fact that the author doesn’t promote a certain brand of food, medicine, vet, or distributor! This would have instantly turned me off. I’m simply not interested, nor should the other readers be interested, about promoting materials from X company by X company.

First, I learned from reading “How To Get Your Dog To Eat,” many techniques and tactics. For one thing, (and I did check with a vet to confirm this), “every dog as he/she ages tends to eat less”. I really kind of thought the opposite. Secondly, just like people, one dog, even in the same litter, could be the only one that doesn’t like something!

But the author’s book doesn’t just share ways and tactics to get your pet to eat, but also shares times when you can offer certain foods at certain times on different occasions to help your pet adjust to its diet. In addition, she covers minor illness, cures, and such detailed information as to what to never feed your pet. For instance, and I’ll only named a few that she outlines that I never heard of. Never feed your dog chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, and coffee.

She also goes into great detail on depression, mood disorders, anxiety, fear, etc. Again, she doesn’t come across as the absolute authority on this subject, but comes across as helpful, caring, and understanding of some home remedies to “get your pet to eat.”

“How To Get Your Dog To Eat” by Mary DiTosto is a fun book, and she obviously cares about animals. I surmise that she might have been an excellent vet herself had she chosen that path. Again, I did personally verify many of the statements she made and found them credible. Therefore, this book might even save you an office visit or two. Plainly written and easy to understand – I like that! Easily 5 stars!

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