“Escapades” by Lilly Atlas


Lilly Atlas
Lilly Atlas Books, LLC (2018)
ISBN 9781946068224
Reviewed by Valicia France for Reader Views (10/18)

“Later,” she said, as he was about to get his mouth on her sex. Her voice was strained with need. “I want to feel you inside me. No more playing. No more waiting.” (P 274)

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Let me tell you, if you pick up “Escapades” by Lilly Atlas, make sure you read it in front of a fan, with the A/C turned up and a tall glass of cold water nearby.

This book is not for kids! This is for a mature audience interested in smoking hot romance novels. However, if you’re sensitive to personal tragedies, tread carefully. There is loads of sex and some profanity throughout the book. I don’t shy away from either, but some people might so just a heads up.

But, let’s start at the beginning. Alyssa and Derek had an envious relationship, as pretty much stated in the book. The entire novel focuses on them trying to recover their passion for each other following a personal tragedy.

I got sucked into this story a couple of times. I was there with the main characters while they were pouring their hearts out to each other, I was a fly on the wall for a pretty *steamy* bathroom scene, I was in their house as they joked around with their closest friends. I know a story or plot is pretty well written when I lose track of time while reading.

I loved their respective best friends, Brett and Roxie. They were the kind of friends everyone should have, present, forgiving, self-less but not afraid to show some tough love when needed. I laughed out loud at some of the jesting scenes between either best friend and their main character.

Now, the sex scenes…whew. Smoking hot I tell ya’! Some parts so steamy I blushed a bit. But the scenes were real and at times pretty raw where their love for each other and their respective emotional wounds were revealed to the reader simultaneously. You realize pretty quickly why the couple desperately wanted each other back.

As far as the writing, overall, I found it to be pretty good. A few lines were a bit stilted that it jerked me out of the story. A specific career from Derek’s past was mentioned unnecessarily often throughout the entire story to the point that it blew the suspense regarding that bit. Another thing I didn’t like was the dropping of the f-bomb at times when it didn’t seem necessary; rather like it was placed there to shock the reader, not quite just a natural part of the scene.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed “Escapades” by Lilly Atlas and would recommend it to other readers looking for a smoking hot, steamy escape from reality.

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