“Drinking from the Trough” by Mary Carlson


Mary Carlson, DVM
She Writes Press (2018)
ISBN 9781631524318
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/18)

“Drinking from the Trough,” is told in first person by gifted storyteller, Mary Carlson, DVM, sharing the wonderful memoirs of her life with her husband and four-legged family members.

As she reminisces, readers are entertained by the antics of her dogs, horses, and cats. I found myself laughing out loud as I got to read along. I really wish she had included pictures!

While she was raising her fur family, Mary also went through some major career changes, which included going from being a high school teacher to a veterinarian in private practice. The support of her wonderful husband, friends, and the love her animals helped get her through some very stressful, challenging times.

Over the years, Carlson went through some difficult times as the animals grew older and declined. Even though she welcomes new pets into her life, it is obvious that each one shares a very special spot in her heart. I found myself relating to this aspect of her life. Pets might pass away, but a part of them always remains behind in our memories. Carlson also shares a lot about her experiences as a veterinarian. I think that her gift for teaching helped her to be able to explain veterinary issues in a way that all readers can easily understand. It was very interesting to be able to learn more about health issues that can enter our pet’s lives.

Carlson suffers her worst loss as she is preparing to enter law school. The loss of a beloved husky coincided with the death of her wonderful husband. In my mind, I pictured them moving on to their next adventure together, pain-free, in a higher realm. Because her love and loyalty really shine through the pages, this part of Carlson’s life was especially hard-hitting to read about. The way that she says her final goodbyes, is beautiful and I am so happy that she was willing to share this part of her life.

Readers who love animals will really find “Drinking from the Trough” by Mary Carlson, DVM, to be a treasure.

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