“Muir Woods Or Bust” by Ian Woollen


Ian Woollen
Coffeetown Press (2017)
ISBN 9781603815970
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (11/18)

Now, before reading this book called “Muir Woods Or Bust,” by Ian Woollen I had to look up the definition of a Book Reviewer. Why? Well when I received the book, scanned the back flap and read a short synopsis of the story, along with the title, I must admit I was taken back a little. The dictionary states that a “Book Reviewer is a form of literary “criticism”, in which a book is “analyzed based on content, style, and merit.” So admittedly, not being a big fan of futuristic or fantasy type of books, I agreed with myself to be fair, or any other words, follow the definition of a book reviewer! After all, I actually chose this book! You might say why choose a genre that you have no interest in? Well, my answer is that I simply refuse to be turned off about any titles or synopsis, no matter how strange….as long as I follow the Reviewer’s Formula.

So, here’s my analysis. After reading “Muir Woods Or Bust,” the style (remember the formula) is very, very, suave, and elegant. What I mean by that is editorial-wise, it’s well-written, with no need to back chapter. To those that may not understand that term, it simply means one doesn’t have to flip back to the previous chapters to remind oneself of what’s being stated in the present. Also, the word choices are meticulous! The right word used at the right time…simple. Also, there is no duplication of the same thing, no double negatives.

Context and Content: This book is a fantasy, but smartly based on a real-life true story. I loved that part. Made me do some research. “Muir Woods Or Bust” by Ian Woollen is not only a fantasy based on a real-life event, but futuristic, with an ending that could “actually” happen in the world one day! The author obviously and clearly thought out the entire concept of how to blend a narrative of fantasy, future events, and a real-life story into something that captivates you, and that’s very difficult to do. But this was expertly done. I really can’t explain the book, as it’s like attempting to explain a piece of artwork to an individual.

Merit: Is “Muir Woods Or Bust,” by Ian Woollen worth purchasing? Yes indeed! Here are some of the words that comes to my mind as I sat here looking at the book on my table after reading. Sophisticated, debonair, charming, polished, and tactical. If you ever felt like I have, where you would just like to leave this world for a short time, fire up a glass of tea or coffee, place a warm blanket on your feet, and just forget about what’s happening outside, you’ll love this work. I call it a work because it’s much more than a book; it’s a classic. 5 Stars.

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