“Karda” by Sherrill Nilson


Sherrill Nilson
Green Canoe, LLC (2018)
ISBN 9781732272903
Reviewed by Araceli Noriega for Reader Views (11/18)

“Karda” is the first book in the Adalta series by Sherrill Nilson. After losing her only living relative, a young spy is sent on a mission to collect information about a planet she has never been to before. As she masters living on this entirely new world, she must also gather data and send it to her deceitful employer. During the course of her work on the planet, she faces life experiences in such a way that she must reconsider her allegiances before she can complete her mission. Just as she has settled into her chosen life, a malicious entity threatens her whole existence and that of those she has come to love as her new family.

The author is quite successful in carrying out the purpose of this publication. The protagonist is captivating and transforms before the readers eyes. The setting is somehow unknown yet familiar; the storyline builds momentum until the final moment is had with remarkable results. This novel makes the reader think about and explore the role of human relationships and life’s highs and lows.

There are some phrases that don’t make sense right away because they seem to either be out of place or have a grammatical error. But as the book goes on, it becomes apparent that this was simply the author’s style of describing this futuristic universe. None of the errors take away from the story, though.

This book is for younger readers. It reads like the author is protecting readers from graphic sexual scenes and extremely abusive language and violence. This book is a great sci-fi read as it has a very interesting and well-thought-out universe. There were no examples of relationships outside of hetero-normative standards, though. Therefore, this novel could make some audience members feel excluded. However, to other readers, this may feel like a classic sci-fi heroine storyline.

I consider myself an adventurous person, so I can relate to the main character throughout the book. My personal opinion is that this story about a young woman and her flying horse is a terrific metaphor about the way young women feel as they enter adulthood. My favorite part was when the mythical flying creatures let the main character know that they are able to communicate with her telepathically. I also appreciate the way the main character learns to trust her thoughts and her intuition as a result of her life experiences.

I recommend “Karda: Adalta Vol. I” by Sherrill Nilson as a fun read. It is an adventure to be had with minor interruptions. The storyline is strong and barely predictable—which is really quite enjoyable. It is an exciting trip into a universe we can only dream of filled with possibilities the reader will watch evolve into thrilling encounters. Whether you love animals, mystery, or just alternate universes, this is a sure bet for anyone seeking an engrossing escape.

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