“Rogue Waves” by J.A. Anderson


J.A. Anderson
Independently Published (2018)
ISBN 9781980263791
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/18)

“Rogue Waves” is an exciting romantic suspense by J.A. Anderson. When Sienna wakes up from being unconscious and finds herself held captive on a ship, she knows that her life as a forensic accountant will be forever changed. Miami crime boss Contrada believes that she was given important information regarding access to records and journals that he does not want to be in anyone else’s hands. Sienna has no idea what he is talking about, however, she does remember finding a strange slip of paper with a code on it, after a man accidentally bumped into her. As she recollects, she saw his deceased body in the limo that she was thrown into when she was kidnapped. Her photographic memory saved those numbers, but she is terrified to admit that she has them.

Sienna is also guarded by a man named Colt, who is an enigmatic character. Initially she tries to fight her attraction to him because he handles her roughly. As the adventure continues, she learns that he is working undercover for a Rogue Alpha team. She soon finds herself falling for him while trying to help the team locate the hidden records. All but one team member finds themselves taking her under their wing and trying to protect her. None of them are safe because someone close to their group is feeding Contrada information. The team unites to try to find answers, while also trying to stay alive. Meanwhile, the attraction between Colt and Sienna continues to grow and they have to figure out what they are going to do with it, because their regular lives are very different.

“Rogue Waves” is the first book in the Rogue Series. Author J.A. Anderson did a wonderful job creating a fast-paced romantic suspense. She brings the characters to life with vivid descriptions about their looks and personalities. The heroine’s character is developed so that she is able to step into a new role that brings a great deal of danger and excitement to her life. It appears that this is the life for which she was created. This includes her relationship with the hero. Everything was muted until the sparks created between the two start to fly. This aspect of the story adds even more to the actual adventure that is taking place. Readers of romantic suspense with love this. They will also enjoy Sienna’s comradery with the team. Most female readers will enjoy picturing themselves in her shoes! I highly recommend reading this novel and also suggest that it be considered for a reader’s group selection.

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