“Recounting The Anthrax Attacks” by R. Scott Decker


R. Scott Decker
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers (2018)
ISBN 9781538101490
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (12/18)

Soon after that fateful and sad day of September 11, 2001, now known as 9/11, the terror on the people of the United States didn’t cease, as a hidden terror began. Weeks after 9/11, a then-unknown perpetrator began sending anthrax-laced letters through the U.S. Mail System, injuring and killing many postal employees and others. Included in these biologic attacks were anthrax-laced letters sent to various reporters such as Tom Brokaw, NBC, CBS, and Senator Tom Daschle.

The FBI’s Biological Task Force, or Hazmat Specialist, led by this author, began working secretly and discreetly on apprehending the perpetrator(s). This book, “Recounting the Anthrax Attacks; Terror, The Amerithrax Task Force, And The Evolution Of Forensics In The FBI” by R. Scott Decker details the evolutionary methods that were utilized to detect not only “who” the sender was, but the microscopic makeup, or identifying characteristics of this rare agent.

The author’s credentials are impeccable; an FBI agent with a PhD in Genetics, with experience working in DNA and Biology. Eventually, the perpetrator was identified, but only through thousands of man-hours and various investigations. “Recounting The Anthrax Attacks,” is a detailed behind the scene look at how the FBI and the author had to race against time to avoid further deaths.

“Recounting The Anthrax Attacks” by R. Scott Decker, is a riveting, exciting, whodunnit book about what this country’s leading law enforcement agency had to do to protect all Americans. After reading this book, you’ll realize as well as appreciate, the author sharing with us why the FBI is viewed worldwide as one of the best law enforcement agencies in the world.

I must also say that this book should be a basic, must read book for any student of Biology, DNA Research, Hematology, and Forensics Studies. And every college or university teaching the classics of Biology should have this book available as well. 5 Stars easily!

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