“Quest of the Staff and the Sword, II: Quoin Ataraxis” by T.K. Kohl


T.K. Kohl
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781977200198
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/19)

“Quest of the Staff and the Sword, II: Quoin Ataraxis,” is the second book in the “Quest of the Staff and the Sword” saga by T.K. Kohl.

The protagonist, John, also known as ‘The Hooded Man’ continues to battle Luke who remains in control of what is left of the world. Luke is using his control over the military to help destroy what the remains of civilization. His evil minions also continue to engage in wicked, hedonistic, cannibalistic behavior.  Luke has convinced most of the people that the hooded man is the one to be feared and they believe that he has horrifically attacked others. The victims of Luke’s actions know the truth, however, for most of them it is too late.

In addition to the continuing fight for good, John must also deal with his feelings for Elizabeth, who played a key role in the first book. Nikki, a young victim of Luke’s treachery also enters John’s life, and she shows great promise for being trained as a warrior. After John finds some resolution with matters of the heart, he takes off on a quest by himself. The outcome of this quest has already been written in a prophecy, but John still must do the work to make it happen.

Having recently read the first book in this series, I was happy to be able to quickly get my hands on the next one. It is critical that “The Staff and the Sword” be read first, otherwise readers will not fully understand the events leading up to this story, nor will they know the characters whose backgrounds were already introduced. It should be noted that there is a great deal of depraved sex and violence in this story, so it should be for adult eyes only.

This second book moves very quickly. There is action happening on almost every page, making it hard to put down! The first part of this story is very interesting, but it shifts to a higher level when the protagonist takes off on his own quest. The individual quest is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones adventure, which makes it fun. The final battle ties up the story very well, even though it is obvious that there will be more stories to follow.

Suspenseful, exciting and action-packed, this story is very well-written with characters that come to life and adult readers will really enjoy this adventure. I highly recommend “Quest of the Staff and the Sword, II: Quoin Ataraxis,” by T.K. Kohl.

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