“Ride” by Katie Patterson


Katie Patterson
Outskirts Press
ISBN 9781977201423
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (1/19)

At the heart of “Ride” by Katie Patterson, is an inherently moving story that addresses lies, neglect and self-discovery in a coming of age journey.

Seventeen-year-old Alyson Butler has it made in the shade in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. Getting ready for the summer before her senior year she is rich, independent and loves to party. Little does she know that her parents, famous Hollywood individuals, have had enough of her spoiled behavior and as a last attempt to get her to get her act together they send her to live with her grandparents in rural Minnesota at Lake Davis. Alyson soon finds life much different than what she is used to.

Through the annual BBQ, Alyson has the chance to meet others her age, but some of those individuals are not trustworthy. It seems that someone has broken into a neighbor’s home and stolen valuable items while everyone was at the BBQ. While Alyson begins to soften her stance on being at the lake house, she finds herself in the middle of another situation that might contribute to further trouble. Putting herself at risk, she attempts to solve who is burglarizing homes and at the same time is trying to prove to others that she can change for the better.

“Ride” is more of a young adult read as it addresses making a change, finding oneself and undoing wrongs. I thought the characters were well defined and found Alyson to be one of those you love to hate. Having never been around spoiled, rich kids in high school, I found the character to be shallow and mean-spirited. It is your typical bad-guy-turns- good story which left me somewhat disillusioned. The other male characters were your typical hunk everyone loves, along with the proverbial bad guys.

For young adults who are interested in romance, risky behavior and ultimately change this is a good read. “Ride” by Katie Patterson explores the meaning of love, sacrifice and how they are one and the same.

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