“Cowboy” by Bob Holt


Bob Holt
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN  9781478798712
Reviewed by Jennifer Wilson for Reader Views (1/19)

“Cowboy” by Bob Holt is a treat for anyone who enjoys a good novel. This book tells a captivating story of Jim Davis, from teenager to adult, and all the life he experiences along the way. From a youngster in rural Texas to a graduate of the Army’s Officer Candidate School. The author’s telling of Jim’s life will hold your attention and make you eager to see what the next chapter holds.

The story begins in 1959 when Jim is just getting ready to enter high school. His older brother John Henry is the family football star and seemingly their hard-nosed father’s favorite. His life begins to change when the town’s richest and prettiest girl agrees to go to the annual football banquet with him. As time goes on, life gets tougher. Jim finds himself faced with Anita’s move from Morrison and what he will do without her. Jim’s father Baines makes the decision for him, deciding that Jim needs to serve his country. He reluctantly agrees and excels in the Army. In 1969 he is on special orders from the Pentagon, engaged to the General’s daughter, and a graduate of Officer Candidate School.

Although his life seems perfect to most, when his time to re-enlist comes due, he decides the Army isn’t where he wants to spend the rest of his life. With some help from his best friend Potts, he enrolls in the University of Connecticut, breaks his engagement, moves in with a motley crew of roommates, and begins a brand-new life. A new life that is turned upside down when Trish walks in, a tiny blonde flower child, that brings the big cowboy to his knees. She challenges everything he has ever known or thought he knew. She expands his horizons and captures his heart and mind. When tragedy strikes, he makes a decision that surprises even himself.

Although this is a love story, don’t expect the “Harlequin” type of romance novel. This book reads like real life. It could be anyone’s life story. It is believable and endearing. I appreciated that the author uses real language, and some terms that, being from the South, were familiar to me. The characters come from every extreme. Just as in life – it takes all kinds.

I was especially fascinated with the “story within the story,” the secret that Jim’s father Baines kept for many years. I could not wait to see if the truth was going to be revealed. I feel that the end of the book leaves a lot of room for more novels featuring the Davis brothers. I was left wanting “the rest of the story.” I was not disappointed in the ending, I just wasn’t ready for the story to be over. I would definitely read another installment of “Cowboy” by Bob Holt.

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