“The Employee Millionaire” by H. J. Chammas

theemployeemillionaireTHE EMPLOYEE MILLIONAIRE

H.J. Chammas
Partridge Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781543744941
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (1/19)

“The Employee Millionaire” by H. J. Chammas is a well written book about creating financial freedom with passive income, while maintaining a full-time job, if desired. It provides a wealth of information for creating passive income through real estate investments. It is also written for most everyone to understand it, so even beginner investors can learn from and follow his process.

Mr. Chammas shares his financial story with the reader, which gives us a view into his lavish spending and lack of saving habits. He is lucky to have had a couple of great mentors in his life to help him get on the right path to financial freedom. We, as readers, are lucky that he has shared his knowledge with us.

The book is broken down in 4 parts:

Where Am I Now?

Why Am I Here?

Where Do I Want to Be?

How Do I Get There?

I love the simplicity of each section. Every section is valuable because it shows the path of where to go from where you are. Knowing your “Why” is a big deal, but it’s not easy to stay on the path to financial freedom without a big reason. It’s so easy to get trapped into the instant gratification of buying stuff now. The author shares his personal journey through these four stages, showing us how we can all get there, with focus and dedication to the process.

As a realtor in Texas, I was familiar with many of the real estate opportunities he shares in this book, but it is the simplicity that really shows the reader how this can all happen. He highly suggests a strong team so expensive mistakes aren’t made, and risk is lowered. Mr. Chammas discusses in detail all the steps needed to make smart real estate investments, including choosing location, analyzing properties and negotiating deals. It’s all in this book!

I highly recommend “The Employee Millionaire” by H. J. Chammas for anyone looking to create financial freedom through passive real estate investing. I know I will keep this as a useful reference for all my future investment opportunities. This book is a treasure that everyone should have in their library!

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