“Tilda’s Promise” by Jean P. Moore

tildaspromiseTILDA’S PROMISE

Jean P. Moore
She Writes Press (2018)
ISBN 9781631524776
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (1/19)

“Tilda’s Promise” by author Jean P. Moore reminds us all that tomorrow isn’t promised. Tilda Carr finds she has slept soundly for the first time in ages, only to wake up to her husband Harold’s sudden death. Guilt and shock surround Tilda and her family as they come to terms with Harold’s passing.

Tilda is having a hard time with the stages of grief and can’t understand how she is supposed to navigate them in what everyone thought should be in a timely manner. Laura, Tilda and Harold’s 40-year-old daughter can sometimes be a nagging and critical old lady, and Tilda finds herself annoyed at the world. Tilly, her fourteen-year-old granddaughter, is struggling with her own issues and the loss of her grandfather and coming of age at fourteen.

I found the premise of the book to be excellent, however, there were several times during the book where side issues caused interruption from the main plot. In addition to the loss of her spouse, Tilda is struggling with problems in her neighbors’ lives, along with her granddaughter’s struggles, and it wasn’t clear as to why Tilda would have such big interest in a neighbor whose wife left him, when she should have been focusing on her own loss and family issues, especially concerning her granddaughter, who is going through gender identity issues. These side plots only seemed to distract me.

That said, I found Tilda’s journey and the information about grief and loss to be very informative. It is hard for me to fathom what would happen if I suddenly lost my husband of 41 years. Although most of us think we know how we would react, I’m not sure we do. I also found the narrative interesting about how death impacts generations, especially from Tilly’s point of view.

Overall, I found the characters to be relatable, interesting and well developed. Once readers get past some of the filler information in earlier chapters, the storyline moves fast and will spark several emotional reactions. I recommend “Tilda’s Promise” by Jean P. Moore for the excellent representation of how the loss of a loved one impacts individuals across generations as well as the myriad of emotions experienced.

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