“Grey Canyon: Den of Bigfoot” by Jeff England

greycanyonGREY CANYON

Jeff England
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478732402
Reviewed by Anna Riley for Reader Views (1/19)

In “Grey Canyon: Den of Bigfoot” by Jeff England, college radicals, a tree hugger, and loggers all face a mythical beast in a beloved forest. Mankind and “squatch”-kind all come together despite their differences to save the forest they love. I have never read a book from the perspective of sasquatch and to see that sasquatch come alive with thoughts and feelings was a refreshing new look.

This is a truly unique story. Not many people write about the sasquatch unless it’s for non-fiction purposes.  So, it was great to see someone not only write about them but give them a family and thoughts.  He made them seem like people, and not animals running around in the wild, giving readers a genuine, authentic experience. I thought of Tarzan and Jane when the young sasquatch took the unconscious teen out of mere curiosity when he hit her with a rock.

This book will appeal to anyone who has taken a hike in the woods and appreciated her great splendor, or that person you know who swears they seen the fantastical, magical creature we call Bigfoot. It is a great read for any age, lighthearted, not too dark, and all wrapped up in a PG package.  After I finished reading, I gave the book to my husband who is a sasquatch fanatic with his own sasquatch encounter. I would recommend it to “sassy” fans or skeptics alike.  I’ve never been part of a radical protest movement that rallied to destroy heavy machinery like the characters in this book; I do however have plenty of friends and family proclaiming sasquatch encounters of their own.

Jeff England perfectly captured the experience in this playful story with his clear and easy-to-read style of writing. “Grey Canyon: Den of Bigfoot” is also suitable for kids from the Junior High School age and above as it isn’t too violent, and the language is age appropriate. I think this may be a fun summer read to take camping and maybe hope to see a sasquatch on your trip!

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