“The Crossroads of Logan Michaels” by James M. Roberts

thecrossroadsofloganmichaelsTHE CROSSROADS OF LOGAN MICHAELS

James M. Roberts
Koehler Books (2018)
ISBN 9781633936481
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (01/19)

“The Crossroads of Logan Michaels” by James M. Roberts is a story about what happens when life presents obstacles, such as divorce, and the effect it has on the family, most of all the children. Sadly it is a story that we find common today, and its impact sends a ripple through all.

Once a tight-knit family, the Michaels’ lives are disrupted when the parents decide to divorce. Sons Logan and Jared have an ideal life with supportive, energetic parents. Both get good grades, participate actively in school activities and seem happy. Logan is one of the best, if not the best athlete in his school, and his future in basketball looks limitless.

The divorce leaves Logan angry and hostile toward his whole life, and he chooses a path of escape that sadly many children do with drugs and alcohol. It is a path that leads to destruction in so many ways he finds it difficult to get out of the downward spiral. His brother Jared also chooses a path that is not good, yet he is a bit more conservative in his escape.

Like so many families I have done marital counseling with, often the outlook is grim. The author provides a realistic story with characters that are identifiable in all walks of life. I was personally however, a bit put off with the descriptions glorifying the use of alcohol and drugs. The way it was continually repeated didn’t add a lot to the storyline and could send the wrong message.

The overall premise of the story was a good one told through the mother and son. The plot moved along at a good pace, and the characters were well developed – except for the father, who seemed to take a backseat to Maria and Logan. Although the book is fiction, the author has based it on his own experiences.

I recommend “The Crossroads of Logan Michaels” by James A. Roberts as a coming of age story. I also recommend if one is actively using or just coming off using substances, they read this with caution.

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