“Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge” by Norman Whaler


Norman Whaler
Beneath Another Sky Books (2018)
ISBN 9781948131001
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (01/19)

Norman Whaler’s “Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge” touched my heart in so many ways. A sequel to “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, the author, follows now grown up Tim Cratchit who misses his great friend and mentor Ebenezer Scrooge and is dealing with the loss of his one-time love, Becky. Although Tim is now a partner in Scrooge, Marley and Cratchit, he is having great difficulty with losses and is angry at the world. He blames God for all the negative things that have happened to him and at the beginning of the story he mirrors Scrooge’s behavior in “A Christmas Carol.”

I liked that the author summarized “A Christmas Carol” for readers, especially since it may have been a while since they read it. He does a great job of capturing Dickens’s writing style and characters, while adding his personal touch.

While Tim is questioning his faith and wondering why bad things happen to good people, Scrooge passes away a few days before Christmas. Scrooge’s death adds to Tim’s depression, anger and crisis in faith. As in “A Christmas Carol,” a ghost in the form of Scrooge visits Tim to help restore his faith and rediscover what the world has to offer.

The author does have underlying religious themes throughout Tim’s journey, and I felt they were well done. How many times have any of us blamed God for what happens in our lives, yet fall short of thanking Him for all we’ve been given. When we feel abandoned by loss and faith, we or I tend to question why. Scrooge says it best, “Real faith isn’t about the belief that He will fix everything when things go wrong because you have been a good person. True faith is trusting Him even when you don’t understand the why of things that happen to good people.” This statement made me take another look at my own beliefs and how those interpretations are skewed.

I highly recommend, “Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge” by Norman Whaler for the value of reexamining our beliefs and looking for the good in all that happens in one’s life regardless if it isn’t what we hoped for. This exceptional story will be one I will read several times when it seems life isn’t fair.

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