“Poems of Love, from My Heart To Yours” by Kerry C. Irons


Kerry C. Irons
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478795582
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/19)

“Poems of Love, from My Heart To Yours” by Kerry C. Irons is a collection of poems about love all from the author’s life and heart. This collection is in a freestyle format where sometimes rhyme is used, and other times is not. Written in plain simple English, the reader can focus directly on the feelings and the messages shared by the author about love. From expressing his love for Rukayatu in ‘A Love Letter’ to the love of a grandmother in ‘My Granny’s Love,’ Kerry C. Irons’ poetry is not just a collection of poems, but little heartfelt stories that flow with a poem’s melody. Each one tells a love story from his heart, from his life. That is exactly what I loved about it.

Some of my favorites are ‘A poets Inspiration,’ ‘Understanding,’ and ‘My Heart.’ Below is another favorite of mine that is short enough for me to quote here to give an idea of the author’s simple, honest and heartwarming voice:


Today I felt lost and alone.
Because my baby’s words were out of my reach.
My heart was wounded and bleeding, because

Her love runs through my veins as life giving blood.
The mere thought of being without her sends my world
spinning out of control.

But when I reached her again, she’s there holding on
to me.

And that’s when my heart sighed and said, love is love is love.

No matter the age, the shape, the size or color, love is love,
love is love.

You control all that is me, you are that which my eyes care
to see.

My lips, my lips long to press so ever softly against yours,
my eyes long only to see you.

My arms dream of surrounding you and not letting you go,
for a long, long while.
My heart jumps with anticipation of your heart being near.
My mind, my mind since you have appeared,
has never been really clear.

Your love is like the mighty storm clouds that roll through,
nothing stands in their way,
they can’t be stopped by the hand of man.
To God they will only give away.’

Overall, “Poems of Love, from My Heart to Yours” by Kerry C. Irons is heartfelt inspiration for love which will appeal to all poetry lovers. I recommend it to all readers who have been in love, who have loved, who have felt loved…but I especially recommend it to those in search of love.

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