“The Awakening” by David Winston


David Winston
Tellwell Talent (2018)
ISBN 9780228804741
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/19)

In “The Awakening,” the author David Winston writes from his perspective as being the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He makes it very clear that his book is written for adults only because some of the information presented might be disturbing for children.

Winston provides in depth discussions about being awakened, awareness, God, the origins of the universe, the meaning of life, and what happens in the afterlife. Not being able to think of a topic that wasn’t covered, I see his book as a bible for those who are ready to be awakened. He defines consciousness as another word for awareness, and it also means to be awake. Our dreams symbolize the awakening. All conscious beings are both physical and non-physical observers. The knowledge gained from observations in both areas can take us to a higher level of awareness.

Winston frequently refers to the importance of veganism. Veganism is about a cruelty-free lifestyle, not just eating plant-based. His thoughts on this subject really resonated with me. While many of his other discussions required contemplation to gain a deeper understanding of his perspectives, this topic was totally congruent with my beliefs. I believe that veganism will help to reduce hell on earth. He also views major religions’ ideas of God, (from Allah, to Buddha, to Jesus Christ and to Yahweh), as all being representatives of the Awakened One. His message is meant for people of all faiths.

While it is impossible to briefly cover everything that is discussed in this 600-page book, Winston does back up much of his discussions with references and suggestions for readers to watch specific YouTube and TEDx videos. He also provides an excellent section on nutritional supplements. This will benefit readers who are planning on going vegan. Personally, I really enjoyed his chapter on parables and stories. I also must admit, I was a bit nervous about reading “The Awakening.” It is a large book and I wondered if I was at risk of reading something that I would view as totally off the wall. Instead, I found myself enjoying the experience sinking into the pages and being able to look at different topics from the author’s perspective. He does a great job of explaining himself.

Readers who enjoy philosophical discussions that include a bit of science and metaphysics will really enjoy “The Awakening” by David Winston.

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