“The Earl and the Enchantress” by Paullett Golden

Paullett Golden
Paullett Golden Publisher (2018)
ISBN 9781732834200
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/18)

“The Earl and the Enchantress” is a captivating romance novel by Paullett Golden.

Lizbeth Trethow is a beautiful, intelligent woman who is hoping to avoid getting married during the Georgian Era, a time in which women did not have a lot of rights. If she were to marry, she wanted a true partner, not someone that would think he owned her. At a social event, she meets an intriguing man named Sebastian Lancaster, whom she later discovers is the Earl of Roddam. Sebastian and Lizbeth both feel an instant connection with each other, in addition to sharing a love of books, they also share a strong attraction. Lizbeth starts letting her guard down towards him, but he has secrets in his past that bind him up in feelings of guilt. When the truth comes out, everything changes because nothing is as they thought it was and he can finally start to heal.

I loved reading “The Earl and the Enchantress.”  It is an extremely well written novel with some subplots that add to the already intense main plot. The author Paullett Golden has a gift for creating memorable characters that have depth. I enjoyed watching these characters evolve as they pushed through mental barriers that were holding them back from true happiness. I found myself really being able to relate to the heroine in the story. I cannot imagine living during a time where somebody else would be expected to control me in a loveless marriage.

The scenery also adds another interesting dimension to this tale. Having one protagonist from King Author’s birth place and the other from where he was buried, it really added a nice touch. Much of this story takes place in a beautiful castle rich with interesting art. To me, this setting really helped bring the story alive and add to the romance.

I highly recommend The Earl and the Enchantress” by Paullett Golden for fans of historical romance novels. It would make a great selection for women’s reader groups as well.

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