“Lessons from My Grandfather” by Marc Demetriou


Marc Demetriou
Highpoint Executive Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9780998984001
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (12/18)

Marc Demetriou takes the wisdom of his grandfather and translates it into successful guidance tips for everyone regardless of where you are in life. “Lessons From My Grandfather” an easy to read and understand career and advice book intertwines lessons learned from a humble immigrant with modern day concepts to achieve success in any field.

I love the fact that the author states “You are never too young or old to make your dreams come true.” So many times individuals we come in contact with will halt our dreams with just a few negative words. Marc’s goal is to inspire, light a fire and help one find their passion in life by incorporating his grandfather Charlie’s hard work philosophy and the constant theme “I believe in you.” Life isn’t easy or simple, there are obstacles each day, and yet somehow, we overcome them.

In the beginning chapters, the author discusses why he chose to write this book and his philosophy of work ethics. He learned from his family to do his best and be perfect. I had some difficulty with this perfect statement; I think one can do the best they can without having to be perfect. Many things can hamper perfection: finances, living conditions, mental and physical health and education. That doesn’t mean that happiness and success can’t be obtained. The author provides a list of things that mean more than job or money, such as giving back, family, love and commitment.

There are fifteen principles presented in “Lessons From My Grandfather.” One of the most important lessons is: treat every single person you encounter as if they matter more to you than anything on earth – it will come back to you ten-fold. Another lesson from Charlie included that everyone you pass in life has something to teach you. Listen and learn.

I’m not sure this book is different from other self-help how to be successful books, but I believe the narrative of his grandfather’s teaching incorporated with the author’s own experience is important. As I read this book, my thoughts turned to my high school age granddaughter and some of the obstacles she has recently experienced, which have derailed her in many areas of her life. I gave her the book and said just read this, a little at a time and highlight what is meaningful to you. She did, and I hope that many high school or college students use this wisdom and remember “I believe in you.”

“Lessons From My Grandfather” by Marc Demetriou provides more than how to be successful; it reminds us to be kind, loving and giving. I recommend this to all who need a gentle nudge to recapture their passion and love for life.

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