“The Probiotic Constitution” by Matthew J. Murphy


Matthew J. Murphy
CreateSpace (2018)
ISBN 9781727632644
Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (3/19)

Based on his own personal experience with Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD, Matthew J. Murphy has investigated and experimented with various alternative remedies. Overtime, he has rooted out probiotics as the solution with the most beneficial effects. In his book, “The Probiotic Constitution – Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal,” he furnishes basic information, scientific research, species, strains and name brands that sort through the loads of information and various products available on the market today.

But what exactly is a probiotic? Murphy answers this question by simply defining it as a form of good bacteria that lives inside of us. Probiotics can also be found to exist externally in specific foods, drinks and supplements. The author goes on to identify a probiotic’s characteristics by describing its chemical breakdown and how it aids in digestion. He provides plenty of warning on the use of probiotics and explains how to be selective in making the appropriate choice for a specific illness with particular strains, concentrations and varying dosages.

Although the word “probiotic” appears to be nouveau, Murphy reports that the concept of using bacteria as a digestive aid has been documented from evidence found in ancient civilizations. He cites that research from the current era can be most useful when sourcing a product and provides a good bibliography for reference. Another worthwhile selection is the author’s chapter entitled, Summary Steps. Here the important points for selecting a probiotic are outlined. Another key source is his section on specific healing recipes for the various GI illnesses and diseases. The author continues to educate with notes on prebiotics and The Human Microbiome.

Murphy’s title is a clever play on words. The triple meaning of “constitution” as the composition of something, a physical state of being and a group of fundamental truths is skillful. In keeping the theme, his subtitle refers to the fact that not all probiotics are created equal. He goes on to encourage us that it is our fundamental right to take ownership over our health decisions in order to obtain the wellness we deserve. The author’s motivational approach is dynamic and there are numerous times when he contends that “you are the leader of your health.” 

Matthew Murphy works hard to uncover the fallacies associated with the abundance of probiotics available today. “The Probiotic Constitution – Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal” is intended to help its reader sort out the most effective products on the market and how they can best improve one’s digestive health.

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