“Burning Timber” by Baynns M. Finnleigh


Baynns M. Finnleigh
Bilmarlin Book Group (2017)
ISBN 9780999228708
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/19)

“Burning Timber” is the first book in the Timberton Lake Series by Baynns M. Finnleigh.

Madison Pike is living a good life as attorney in New York City. She thought she left secrets from her past behind her when she left her rural hometown for the big city. Reality comes crashing down on her when she gets a call from a detective who was involved with a murder case involving her twin sister that occurred when they were teens. Her sister’s body has been found and they want Madison to come home. Blaming herself for her sister’s death, Madison left town right after her sister disappeared. She left her high school sweetheart Jordan behind as well, and never fully got over him, even though she got engaged to a high-powered attorney. Madison goes home to confront her past, and shortly after arriving, she realizes that she and Jordan have a lot of unfinished business. She also discovers that a lot of secrets were buried when her sister died. Some of these secrets are very dangerous, and Jordan and Madison work together to try to find the answers to what really happened without getting killed.

Debut author Baynns Finnleigh did a great job of developing a romantic suspense with a lot of surprising twists in the plot. She created protagonists who are ambitious, extremely attractive, intelligent, sexy and a bit self-absorbed. The sexual tension created between different characters is very well described and the sex scenes are extremely erotic.  While the story ended a bit abruptly, I felt that the most important part was finished. The author left an opening for the next novel in the series, to begin. I really enjoyed this novel and I look forward to the forthcoming sequel. I think that fans of romantic suspense with strong sexual elements will really enjoy reading “Burning Timber.” It would also make an excellent selection for women’s readers groups. The members will have a lot of fun talking about this one, especially because of the sybaritic elements in the story. 

One thought on ““Burning Timber” by Baynns M. Finnleigh

  1. I read the book and found it to be very entertaining!!
    I’ve been waiting to read what happens next, it left me wanting more.
    I hope she hasn’t given up on this story,she has a lot of talent for readers to enjoy!!


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