“Paleo for Unicorns” by Amy Subach


Amy Subach
Elly Blue Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9781621062080
Reviewed by Adrienne Johnston for Reader Views (04/19)

Amy Subach has taken a new approach to the common cookbook with a feminine focus.  “Paleo for Unicorns” reminds women that they are strong, beautiful, and loveable, in other words – a unicorn. Subach writes as if she is the best of friends with the reader and they are sharing a cup of coffee.  The tone is casual, but also encouraging, with several examples of Subach’s own journey to paleo.

At approximately 125 pages, the book is not long, but it is obvious Subach put thought and research into delivering a good product for women looking into the paleo lifestyle.  While men can gain knowledge from this cookbook as well, the target audience is definitely women, and mothers specifically.

The recipes cover breakfast, meats, side dishes, and desserts.  All of the recipes are simple to follow and are accompanied by a picture from Subach’s life.  The photographs are a charming touch throughout the book. They are snapshots, instead of professionally done, and convey to the reader that the author is real and approachable. Unfortunately, some of the recipes are printed over the photos, making the words a little more difficult to read. The recipes are also written for a confident cook.  Some recipes have measurements for the ingredient, while others use amounts like “some” (as in the “Lambhamburgers” recipe, for example). All of the instructions are easy to follow, so even if the reader is not a confident cook, figuring out what to do will take minimal effort.

Overall, I found the book charming, enjoyable, and informative.  On a personal level, I do not believe I will be using most of the recipes in the book.  I do think this is a good resource to ease someone into the paleo lifestyle. The book approaches the diet as a lifestyle change and makes the concept completely unintimidating.  Subach writes with both compassion and wit so that women reading this book, and following the recipes, will feel that they are validated in their choices and capable in their actions. I would not hesitate to recommend “Paleo for Unicorns: Eating the Patriarchy” by Amy Subach to my friends that are considering a paleo lifestyle and need a good place to start.

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