“Doctor How and the Alien Invasion” by Mark Speed


Mark Speed
Terra Supra Limited (2017)
ISBN 9781542745437
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/19)

“Doctor How and the Alien Invasion” by Mark Speed begins with a young man named Kevin, a beta tester for a video game called Rorrim. One day while playing, an evil alien robot is delivered in a strange package to his door. It is looking for KevT1994 so it can destroy him. Kevin manages to escape, but other players of the game are not so lucky, and they quickly find themselves vaporized.

Kevin soon learns that the game opens up a wormhole into another world and he has been destroying the civilization there. Robots have been sent to kill the destroyers. When the game is mass marketed, planet earth is at risk of being destroyed by defenders coming through the wormhole to save their planet. Doctor How, a time keeper, has Kevin team up with one of her assistants, named Cassandra, from a time in the past, to travel through time so that they can change what is about to happen. Doctor How is referred to as a “she” in this story because the Time Keeper has regenerated as a female from the neck down. This situation definitely creates a lot of issues for Doctor How, but it does not affect his ability to create a solution to this horrendous problem. He sends Kevin and Cassandra, whom Kevin finds very attractive, through time in a Spectral that looks like a red post office box. Both have to rely on their wits and Doctor How’s time keeper technology to try to save the world.

“Doctor How and the Alien Invasion,” is the third book in the Doctor How series. It is the first one for me to read and I had no difficulties catching up with the main characters. I would like to go back and read the first two because I really enjoyed this one. 

The author Mark Speed makes it very clear that this is not related to the Doctor Who series. I actually think I liked it more! Mark Speed is an excellent writer. He has a creative imagination and an ability to create laugh-out-loud scenes that are fun, without being too silly. I also appreciate that he incorporates real historical events into his stories. I highly recommend “Doctor How and the Alien Invasion” to fans of fast past, comedic sci fi, and even the Doctor Who series (even though they aren’t related).

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