“Murder on Moon Mountain” by Jean Harrington

Murder on Moon Mountain
Jean Harrington
Camel Press
ISBN 9781603816496
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (4/19)

“Murder on Moon Mountain,” authored by Jean Harrington, is a “who done it” suspense/murder/mystery set in Eureka Falls. Eureka Falls is located in an upscale private community, primarily mansions. The main character is Honey Ingersoll, an ambitious real estate agent to the wealthy. Somehow, while meeting a potential client for a sale, one of the neighbors invites her over to assist her as an “extra” in a movie currently being film at the neighbor’s home. After agreeing to play a small part, she one day revisits the neighbor’s home, only to stumble upon a dead corpse! Honey somehow becomes the main suspect by the local authorities, and must some way not only prove her innocence, but find the killer or killers.

“Murder on Moon Mountain” by Jean Harrington is much more than a typical “who done it” story. Even though the plot is certainly mysterious and intriguing, the interactions between the investigating detectives and the other characters are accented with moments of comedy. Not necessarily comedic lines or statements, but moments that show the absurdity of the human nature. Funny moments, sometimes hilarious, but smoothly injected in the plot.

The mystery, plot, and context itself is cleverly written, intense, and makes the reader constantly wonder who did it! While you might think you know the ending, or who the murderer is, a sudden twist makes you back flip to previous pages to rethink the circumstances and reexamine the situation. The author’s wording of some situations, as well as the vernacular used, is of worthy note. So I laughed, scratched my head, and was mentally challenging my mind for the solution; but to no avail.

“Murder on Moon Mountain” by Jean Harrington is an excellent book and well written by someone who obviously and clearly enjoys her craft. Well done…5 big stars!

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