“Let These Bones Live Again” by David Carlson


David Carlson
Coffeetown Press (2018)
ISBN 9781603813938
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (4/19)

David Carlson once again writes an amazing, multi-layered murder mystery that brings detective Christopher Worthy and Father Nicholas Fortis together again. “Let These Bones Live Again” is Book 3 of the Christopher Worthy/Father Fortis Mystery Series. An additional twist added to this storyline is Allyson Worthy, daughter of Christopher Worthy, who lands an internship with the Venice police.

Although Allyson is looking at crimes against American tourists, she finds herself drawn into a double-case crime where religious relics are being stolen from churches in Venice, along with the sudden death of three wealthy individuals all diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Allyson finds herself somewhat stunned that her father is brought in on the case as they don’t have the best relationship since her parent’s divorce. Sadly, her dad doesn’t have a clue how she is feeling, and it will take a crisis involving her to put it all in perspective.

What initially appears to be apparent suicides in these three individuals turns more sinister when second sets of incisions are found on each body. No one can figure out how the second incisions occurred or who would do them. As Allyson, her roommate and several other young adults join up at local nightclubs in hopes of hearing some gossip on the murders, Allyson is abducted, and finds herself face-to-face with the killer and thief.

The author does an excellent job with character development, plot, scenes and dialogue. Though part of a series, you can read this as a stand-alone book. I like the fact that once you know the main characters, they will be in each book of the series and Carlson does an excellent job of using his background in theology and political science to add insight and authenticity. “Let The Bones Live Again” is a fast read with plenty of twists to keep readers engaged. Any terms that relate to religion or Italian are described, so readers do not have to look them up, which I appreciate.

I highly recommend “Let The Bones Live Again” by David Carlson if you like to put on your detective hat and help solve murders and thefts.

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