“Back Story Alaska: Reflections on the Wild Beauty and Characters of the Alaskan Bush” by Lance Brewer

Lance Brewer
Back Story Alaska, Inc. (2018)
ISBN 9781732370906
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (5/19)

“Back Story Alaska: Reflections on the Wild Beauty and Characters of the Alaskan Bush” by Lance Brewer is the story of one man’s life-changing adventure in Alaska.

What started as a fishing excursion for his father, became a life-changing trip for Lance Brewer. For reasons unknown, Brewer’s father backed out of his fishing trip with fellow colleagues, and Lance, always one for an adventure, jumped at the opportunity to go to Alaska. After that trip, he goes back to California and makes true on his promise to himself and others that he would learn to fly a float plane and return to Alaska for further exploration.

Upon going back to Alaska, Camp Brewer was established in the hope of bringing family and friends to experience the wonders of Alaska, namely the sighting of animals and abundance of fishing that will outdo what is seen in the states. After the untimely death of a dear friend, Brewer made the decision to come back and follow the Iditarod; lucky for him, he was able to see history in the making and have stories and memories to pass down for a lifetime. In the end, he had to do some soul-searching to figure out his true intentions of escaping to Alaska, whether it was due to fear or love.

Not knowing if there were any good outlets for his writing, he found himself releasing his emotions through the style of poems. After composing several, he came to the conclusion that a backstory might be beneficial for the reader; and now we have the finished product, “Back Story Alaska.” At the end of many of the chapters is one of Brewer’s poems, and the beginning of the chapters contain the backstory to give the reader a better idea of the adventures and wonders he experienced himself, along with some memorable friends and acquaintances. Also included are professional pictures of animals and wildlife found in bush Alaska – the pictures combined with the stories carry the reader away to fully witness its beauty. Brewer’s style of writing is very personable, and he is not afraid to talk about hard or “taboo” topics in our American lives based on the conversations he experienced with guests and family.

I recommend “Back Story Alaska” by Lance Brewer to fans of travel and adventure, those looking for inspiration and those on their own journey of self-discovery. Whatever the answer you may find to the questions in your life, at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing the next step to take for a more self-fulfilled life.

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