“The Mystery Shopper Training Program” by Bethany Mooradian

Bethany Mooradian
Moreradiant Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781720696414
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (5/19)

“The Mystery Shopper Training Program” by Bethany Mooradian is the perfect guide and resource for anyone who is curious about, or wants to become, a mystery shopper. This 178-page book includes detailed information on every facet of being a mystery shopper, from what a mystery shopper is, to how it works, how one gets paid and to how to avoid scams.

Mooradian’s experience in the field as a mystery shopper, trainer, and business owner, along with her easy-to-read information, provides readers with excellent resources, humor and how to get certified as a mystery shopper.

I know the basics of what a mystery shopper is, however, I did not realize the numerous types of shoppers one could be. In Chapter 8, Mooradian provides examples of jobs, what they pay and what’s expected in return. It never crossed my mind that one could do this with banks, focus groups or apartment complexes. I was also surprised that one could do this with sales and services in one’s home. These shops include such things as cell phone providers, carpet cleaners and window installers.

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra money, but it is not a full-time job, nor will you get rich. What I like about mystery shopping is that one can gear it toward their schedule and interests.

Given shoppers are to do this on the sly, the author provides specific information on what to do if one is discovered as a shopper, whether by an employee or a friend, and how to handle it. Under no circumstances should one tell friends what they are doing or ask someone to do it in their place if they cannot do it. Often mystery shoppers devise a cover story as well as use a variation of their name.

Mooradian does specially address being a mystery shopper in Nevada, as they have regulations on shoppers. Interestingly enough, one has to be licensed as a private investigator, which includes being fingerprinted, providing current employment history and living history, and pay a fee for the distinction. Readers will find detailed information in Chapter 4 along with resources on finding companies that are looking for shoppers.

I enjoyed finding more about how mystery shopping works, the pros and cons, completing forms and further training. The resources and examples of reports to be completed were very valuable. I highly recommend “The Mystery Shopper Training Program” by Bethany Mooradian for anyone who is looking for extra income while having fun.

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