“Literature” by Guillermo Stitch


Guillermo Stitch
Nineveh Editions (2018)
ISBN 9781987775679
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (6/19)

“Literature” by author Stitch is a futuristic view of what the world would be like without access to books.

The protagonist is Billy Stringer, a former athlete turned sports reporter for the Herald. Given that books and a majority of literature is banned and illegal, Billy finds himself in a world of the unknown, where the focus is on how words can fuel cars and highways. While touring Gripping Tails where the future of transportation is in the making, Billy realizes that having a real book can be dangerous to one’s health and life. He is offered a job at Gripping Tails because he is a “Lit” – one who owns books and is knowledgeable about literature. At the same time, he is forewarned that big brother knows this and are watching him at all times.

I found the concept of the story to be fascinating in that one could use words to fuel transportation, but at the same time was more lost than I hoped. The author’s writing, although interesting, left me with numerous questions for which there were no answers. There were many terms used that I did not understand, making it hard to follow – for instance, what is a tab?

I enjoyed reading about how reading and all media forms are controlled in a society in which the time period and location remain a mystery. I found Billy to be a somewhat complex character – at times he was strong and defiant, and other times he was a puppet in the hands of others. I would like to have had more background on some of the characters, and to know the reason behind why books were banned in the first place.

“Literature” by Guillermo Stitch is an interesting read, and I believe the author did a good job of referencing possible “what ifs.” I would recommend this book to those who like dystopian stories with unusual plots, flashbacks and interesting characters.

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