“Islam: Europe Invaded. America Warned.” by Hege Storhaug


Hege Storhaug
Hege Storhaug (2019)
ISBN 9788230339596
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (6/19)

Author Hege Storhaug is Europe’s leading expert on immigration, integration and Islam in Europe. “Islam: Europe Invaded. America Warned.,” is a detailed and informative read on immigrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia as they descend on Europe, and the impact by those who endorse Islam as a way to attack women, Jews, homosexuals and those who do not submit to their doctrines. What concerns me most is some have demonstrated this type of thought in the US Congress recently.

I am grateful for the detailed information and hope that readers do not assume all Muslims are like this and lump them into one category. “Islam: Europe Invaded. America Warned.,” is information about Islam, not the author blaming different factions.

I will forewarn readers this is not a fast, easy read. At times it feels like a textbook, and as such it behooves readers to read little at a time, digest the information, and pick it up again. I have some basic knowledge of Islam and I found the information provided improved my knowledge of the subject, while at the same time scaring me.

Chapter 5 expands on the different Islamic groups, many of which I did not know about. An example is the Salafis who promote a very literal interpretation of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad’s traditions. For the most part, there is no common sense, but one has to believe this information is the only truth and must be followed blindly. They may not show their ideology vocally but will show it physically in dress and mannerisms.

Storhaug also provides excellent information on the historical sources of the Quran, the Sirah and the Hadith in Chapter 6. Interestingly, after Muhammad was forced to leave Mecca in 662, he became a political and military leader who promoted acts of war and violence. In other words Jihad, holy war. For those who are non-believers, death is the only answer. More than anything, I think the message is open your eyes, listen and learn. Are we going to be the America that insulates itself from reality or start making the necessary changes now?

Well written, detailed facts and history are what makes this a good read. The print is somewhat small, and the information is quite extensive, so read slowly, put it down for a bit, then read some more.

I recommend “Islam: Europe Invaded. America Warned.,” by Hege Storhaug. It is a highly informative read and will truly open your eyes.

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