“Tookie Goes Undercover” by George Kaplan


George Kaplan
Black Opal Books (2019)
ISBN 9781644370872
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/19)

“Tookie Goes Undercover” is the latest novel by George Kaplan featuring the escapades of Tookie. Tookie has a unique outlook and zest for life, and her adventures will keep readers enchanted from the first page to the very last sentence.

Tired of a marriage that has been dead for years, Tookie branches out into the dating world. Trying to find a man that can keep up with her lascivious needs is not easy. Tookie is on fire and the men in her life just cannot meet her needs for the long term. When Tookie finds out that her job is going to be axed, she is dismayed because it will be hard for her to find another one. She is in her sixties and feels she will be in low demand. Her interest is piqued however, when she is offered the chance to be a spy.

This position involves traveling to Europe and assisting in an investigation into pharmaceutical crime. Erectile dysfunction knock-off drugs are being sold to unsuspecting men. The Russian mafia is clearly involved with this one. In addition to being offered a lot of perks, Tookie must first test a variety of suspected knock offs on an attractive CIA agent who suffers from ED. It is not difficult for her to immerse herself in this role. After she has the information she needs, she heads out in the role of a romance novelist. Acting in this role, gives her the chance to collect leads for her investigation. Unfortunately, she encounters a man in the Russian mafia who has a brutal nature. Her encounter with him sets, her back a bit, but once she heals, she is back to old self. Finding herself on the run, Tookie has a chance to practice her talents on a viral young agent. Tookie’s espionage adventure culminates in an explosive climax. 

Having previously read “Only Tim Sent Flowers,” I loved being able to follow along with Tookie on her latest adventure. I think most middle-aged women will enjoy living vicariously through her. Even if we really would not want to be doing all the things that she does, it is still a welcome relief to enjoy everything through her eyes. Tookie has adventures and misadventures that had me laughing out loud. Her insatiable lust for life carries over well through the pages. She also has many funny nicknames for private body parts.

George Kaplan did an excellent job of carrying Tookie’s character past her middle ages. I also enjoyed his ability to develop a creative plot – the writing is engaging, entertaining and quite fabulous. I have to admit that I never have read anything quite like this book before! “Tookie Goes Undercover” is a must read for middle-aged and post middle-aged women. It would be a perfect selection for women’s reader groups.

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