“Ferocious” by Stella Williams


Stella Williams
Serpentine Creative LLC (2019)
ISBN 9781733563819
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (7/19)

“Ferocious” is the first book in the Secret of Ceres series, an intriguing paranormal romance mystery by Stella Williams. Did I say romance? This story is HOT and the steamy, sexual tension builds page after page for a romp you won’t soon forget!

Some Aura girls have gone missing on Earth. But who is taking them? The humans don’t know the Aura exist. Or do they? Farrah Andromeda is an Aura that lives, as many do, among the humans on earth, instead of within the safety of Ceres. An Aura PI, she’s a headstrong woman who knows what she wants, and doesn’t always play by the rules. Donovan Mars is a by-the-book, duty-bound Security Force Officer, who spends his life in service to Ceres.  He prefers his tent in Ceres over the modern conveniences of Earth. The two aren’t happy when they are summoned by the Ruling Four to work together on a case involving a missing Aura girl, Daphne, and the tension between them could jeopardize the whole case. But can they keep their clothes on long enough to find Daphne and save Ceres from outside forces?

Stella Williams knows how to tell a story, and “Ferocious” delivers on all accounts.  With an opening that promises excitement, intrigue and a bit of reckless abandon, Williams creates an irresistible pull that draws you in and will keep you reading straight through to the end.  Stella Williams has a writing style all her own – it’s fresh and jaunty and sexual and in-your-face – it feels like perhaps some of the author’s own personality jumps off the pages and you really get a strong sense of her creative flair while reading.

There is also a full cast of characters, both human and fantastical, to drive this stimulating, emotional plotline.  I love the relationship between protagonists Farrah and Donovan – both strong and hard-headed in their own ways, the sexual friction between the two of them is electrifying and it’s a thrill to watch them dance between doing what needs to be done to solve the case and wanting to jump in the sack every time they’re in the same room!

I had so much fun with this story, it was a bittersweet parting when I got to the end. Overall, I highly recommend “Ferocious” by Stella Williams. It’s the first book in what promises to be a super-charged, exciting new series for fans of intrigue, paranormal romance and mystery. 

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