“Roll the Dice” by Wayne Avrashow


Wayne Avrashow
Bowker (2019)
ISBN 9780578433264
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (7/19)

“Roll The Dice” by Wayne Avrashow begins with Tyler Sloan, a celebrated Rock Star in his 50s announcing that he is running for the United States Senate. The son of an accomplished and well-known politician had always competed with his brother for his father’s attention and favor. Although his brother died, the competition continued in Tyler’s heart and mind. After reaching stardom status, he decides to retire from the rocker lifestyle and enters the race for the US Senate as an Independent candidate, running against Rogers (Republican) and Collins (Democrat).

The main story breaks down the campaigning process, ethics and methods.  I immediately thought of a bunch of celebrities who followed the same path and wondered how they managed the campaigning maze of fundraising, possible supporters interests, and less than perfect past; but what called my attention was the underlying story of Tyler’s awkward  relationship with his father, his reconciliation with his Dad’s favoritism to his dead brother, and the animosity of his ex-wife. As a Political Science BA who worked in the field for a couple of years in Venezuela back in the 80s, I was very interested in the political process as it enlightened me in many aspects of the US political processes. However, I was personally captivated by the contrast of the vulnerability shown within Tyler’s personal life compared to his public persona.

In “Roll of Dice” it is obvious that Wayne Avrashow has mastered his writing and storytelling skills. I love how the characters and dialogue move the story forward. I felt he showed the story to me like a movie instead of telling it. His descriptions painted the picture, and the dialogue and genuine characters brought life to the story. It felt like I was reading a true story, even though I knew it to be a work of fiction.

“Roll The Dice” by Wayne Avrashow is an awesome, well-written story developed from current topics that will interest and captivate all readers. Whether they love political topics or general drama, readers will be captivated, entertained and educated about political campaigns in this five-star piece of fiction. Wayne Avrashow is an author to follow, and I look forward to seeing more from him.

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