“Avhi’s Flight” by Janet Johnson Anderson


Janet Johnson Anderson
Archway Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781480870055
Reviewed by Jennifer Wilson for Reader Views (07/19)

“Avhi’s Flight” is an inspiring work of fiction by author Janet Johnson Anderson. It’s the captivating story of a fourteen-year-old girl who longs to become an educated woman but is instead promised in marriage to a much older Mr. Singh.

Instead of accepting her fate as most, if not all, Nepalese girls do, Avhi seizes the opportunity to escape her prison, possibly killing Mr. Singh in the process. Her journey as a young fugitive is rife with danger. What if she is found to be a runaway? There is also a very likely chance of being taken and sold to yet another man. Avhi must use all of her senses to stay one step ahead of those who would cause her harm.

The author’s amazing ability to describe the culture of the villages in the remote Nepalese countryside captured my imagination immediately. I became so invested in the life of Avhi and all the exploited women she represents. Johnson Anderson’s ability to use this work of fiction to highlight and educate her readers about the real hardships these young girls and women face is second to none.

Avhi’s experiences on the road are so diverse, some beautiful, others heart-breaking. This is a young woman with strong convictions and a desire to change the culture for her fellow women. When she encounters other young women at the Thank Kot Center, I think she discovers more strength within herself than she ever could have imagined. 

I will admit to a personal ignorance regarding the plight of women from other areas of the world, growing up with the freedoms that we are blessed with in this country. I appreciate the author’s dedication to advocating for these women. Her work is magnificent, even poetic. I highly recommend Avhi’s Flight by Janet Johnson Anderson to all readers of dramatic fiction. It is wonderfully written and easy to get lost in.

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