“The Devil’s Dragon” by Jason Boggs


Jason F. Boggs
Mill City Press (2019)
ISBN 9781635054811
Reviewed By Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07/19)

“The Devil’s Dragon” is the first book in a Space Opera trilogy by Jason F. Boggs.

The story begins by taking us into lives of two protagonists from different planets. Both individuals operate out of the belief that they are doing what is best for their worlds. One is a dedicated military cadet named Nelson. The other is an Aesini princess named Alene. Alene lives in a world that is reached by traveling through a sungate in space. It is believed that she will fulfill a prophecy about a warrior princess who will reunite the people of her Great Tribe and their gods. A traitor in her father’s camp has sent a viral attack through the sungate to try to gain control of earth and its gold. In Nelson’s case, as he prepares to exit his academy training, he mistakenly supports an individual who uses the appearance of the sungate and the attack on earth, as a chance to further his own agenda to rule the world through his New Era party. When Nelson realizes the truth, he joins up with a renegade group who will work with the princess’s allies to try to stop what is happening. Their biggest threat comes from a woman with a personal agenda. She is known as the Devil’s Dragon. 

The author did an excellent job of creating an epic drama that plays out across the galaxy. In both worlds, two greedy individuals who wanted to gain control over others for power and wealth fueled the war. The fate of the people whose lives were being destroyed rested in the hands of those who were aiding these two men. The supporting characters had amazing stories to tell. Even the evil ones. I loved the colorful descriptions of the creatures from the other worlds. The action scenes are so vividly described, I feel like I am remembering this epic saga as if I had seen a fantastic movie, rather than read the story.

“The Devil’s Dragon,” is the first book in the Dragon trilogy. I actually read, “The Dragon’s Harvest,” the second book in the series first. While it stood well on its own, I have to admit that I am glad I had a chance to read this prequel. In addition to being swept up in another great Space Opera, I loved being able to gain more insight into the character’s backgrounds. I look forward to visiting them again in the final book in the trilogy!

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