“Revenge Served Cold” by Bob Ford


Bob Ford
Mirador Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781912601936
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (8/19)

“Revenge Served Cold” by Bob Ford is a unique story involving childhood/adulthood pranks gone wrong and the ultimate prank involving a woman both men love.

The story is unique in that Max Rourke and Robby Trask, the main protagonists who met at Amberly Prep, both realize at first glance they would not be friends, but forever enemies. At the same time, each found they both liked a challenge, and both wanted to be the winner, regardless of how it came about. After graduation, both Max and Robby meet Andrea Francis on the beach of Southampton, New York while she is visiting her grandmother. Each boy tries to outdo the other in gaining her favor and ultimately decides the best way to do so is to have a contest which will give the winner the chance to be with Andrea. Little do they know that Andrea is only seventeen instead of twenty-one. However, the contests or one-upmanship do not end there as Max and Robby become wealthy and continue their antics for decades past that day. Given that all three become very close friends over the years, the battle to continue to win the prize – Andrea, never stops.

As we face many things in our childhood, we never suspect that the immature decisions we make could affect someone’s future or even our own. We are held accountable for the choices that we make, good or bad. Karma always makes its presence known.

“Revenged Served Cold” reads fast, keeps you engaged, has good character and plot development. I personally have problems empathizing with male characters who lie, cheat, commit adultery, drink to excess, lack morals just because they have money and want to show off. However, both Max and Robby stay true to form from the beginning of the story to the end, and the author does an excellent job with his vivid narratives and relating the jealousy each character has of the other.

I found the characters to be authentic as it relates to flaunting their riches and expecting everyone to excuse their obnoxious, sometimes harmful behavior. However, I found the constant pranks, and trying to outdo each other became bit mundane as it continued in the storyline.

I appreciate the short chapters so one can absorb the information and narratives of the characters. I found Andrea to be indecisive when it comes to who she wants to be with, Max or Robby. She eventually marries one, knowing that the other is her true love. I found her to be manipulative in her own way and felt the author did a great job of portraying her as “a prize.” I certainly wasn’t expecting the ending! Without giving it away, I will say sometimes promises are broken.

“Revenge Served Cold” is interesting as well as unique, and readers will enjoy the well thought out pranks, the challenge of winning the prize and the final revenge. I recommend Bob Ford’s book for those who love devious pranks, some romance, and of course, the ultimate revenge.

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