“Love Can Be: A Literary Collection about Our Animals” by Louisa McCune and Teresa Miller


Louisa McCune and Teresa Miller
Kirkpatrick Foundation (2018)
ISBN 9780999699300
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (7/19)

“Love Can Be: A Literary Collection about Our Animals,” edited by Louisa McCune and Teresa Miller, includes stories submitted by various authors and published by the Kirkpatrick Foundation. This book is filled with stories relating to animals, mainly those we love most, and the impact they have on our lives. A large group of established authors who, combined, have earned many accomplishments for their writings are whom we’ll be hearing from; twelve men and eighteen women.

In “Love Can Be,” we read about cats, dogs, horses, bears, racoons, and butterflies. The stories take the forms of both poem and story form and cover a wide range of situations, with the “parents” or “rescuers” being all kinds of people – authors, neighbors, wildlife rehabilitator, etc.

It is helpful, for me at least, that a picture of the author with their pet is included on the page before the text, then an imaginative drawing of the animal is presented at the end of the chapter. Each chapter really brings home the message of how much our pets affect our lives, and hopefully how much we are able to make their lives better as well. Being a cat owner, I can relate the most to the stories about cats, but knowing that essentially all animals are similar, it was still easy enough to read and understand the messages in the stories of dogs, horses, etc.

The length of each author’s story is just right, so you get the message of what they are trying to convey about their pet, without too many extra details.

I recommend “Love Can Be: A Literary Collection about our Animals,” especially to animal lovers, as they will be the audience that best relate to these stories, though non-pet owners will enjoy the stories as well. And since many times people treat their pets as their children, anyone with children around should be able to relate as well.      

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