“Composition of Life” by Thane Kreiner


Thane Kreiner, Ph.D.
Outskirts Press (2019)
ISBN 9781977204646
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (08/19)

“Composition of Life” by Thane Kreiner is a page-turner, truly a fascinating and deeply moving memoir of his journey through childhood wrought with alcoholism, abuse, mental health issues and domestic violence. Kreiner and each of his siblings learned to cope with their dysfunctional family and upbringing, in their own way.

I found Kreiner’s vivid descriptions, raw emotions and total honesty in his writing to be well written and sometimes shocking. There were so many times during this read when my heart hurt as the author describes his alcoholic, abusive father and a mother who accepts her lot in life. Having grown up in an alcoholic family and with a mother who, like the author’s mother, accepted what happens as “life,” brought back feelings of anger and sadness.

During high school, Kreiner realizes he is not like other male students who have normal boy-girl relationships but does the best he can at keeping his homosexual tendencies hidden no matter what the cost. The author’s father decides he will beat masculinity into him or send him off to military school to make him a man. Till the very end, the author’s father blames his mother for over coddling him as a child.

As many readers will find, there is more to this story than meets the eye. It is a story of discovery, love, and acceptance. As you will see, the author is a leader in biotechnology and with his background in science he begins to realize proof in spirituality, which also helps him along his path. He seems to have more compassion than some in the field and is in tune with other’s feelings, concerns and lack of self-confidence, and in his own way can help others accept their strengths and weaknesses to be the person they want to be.

“Composition Of Life” is a quick read and the events described are relatable. Each of us has our own journey and relate to it the best we know how. Given that, I came away with this reading none of us are different, we are more alike than we think, and we shouldn’t judge until we have walked in the other person’s shoes.

I highly recommend “Composition of Life” by Thane Kreiner to all who often wonder how they ended up being the person they are and how family history plays a significant part.

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