“Please Let Me Help” by Zack Sternwalker

Zack Sternwalker
Microcosm Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781621064008
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (8/19)

“Please Let Me Help: ‘Helpful’ Letters to the World’s Most Wonderful Brands” by Zack Sternwalker is the compilation of letters Zack has written to major companies and people during some unexpected “free time” in his life.

Zack used to live a “normal” life but, in an unspecified amount of time, he has since been divorced by his wife, gained a bit of weight, and let go from his job – resulting in moving back into his childhood home with his mother. With this newly acquired extra time, he has decided to be constructive and offer his suggestions to major companies (such as Coca Cola, CitiBank, Harley-Davidson), major places (Canada, China), and people (Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake) in order to help “improve” something that Zack finds lacking in their lives/business. Being an amateur screen writer, some of his suggestions are to actors or directors to play a role in a screen play he has created for them. His other suggestions include babysitting and keeping watch over large sums of money.

It is clear that Zack is creative, as evident in the multitude of ideas in his letters. He is a courteous person, because of what he says in his letters (always includes compliments first, then works into his suggestions); however, his vampire pictures at the end of each letter makes one wonder about his maturity level – a couple of his pictures are more PG-13 rated in their content. Personally, I thought he would have received more responses back, but the ones he did receive seemed like normal responses. Zack has a very upbeat attitude about his situation, especially since he mentions it in every letter. It is neat to see how the letters kind of build on each other; you need to read every letter to know how the person or place is mentioned in another letter, but in the best light.

I recommend “Please Let Me Help” by Zack Sternwalker to anyone looking for a light, fun, quick read. Who knows, maybe Zack’s work will inspire others to make something of themselves when they are in a less than ideal situation.

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