“Shirley F’N Lyle: VIVA the REVOLUTION” by Clayton Lindemuth

Clayton Lindemuth
Hardgrave Enterprises (2019)
ISBN 9781686889608
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/19)

“Shirley F’N Lyle: VIVA the REVOLUTION” is book one in an exciting contemporary fiction series by Clayton Lindemuth.

Shirley Lyle is a 353 pound, six-foot-tall hooker. Full of self-loathing, she allows herself to exist in a world where men use her for their pleasure. Sometimes that pleasure involves verbal and physical abuse. One night, things take a turn for the worse and Shirley is involved with killing a drug lord’s vile son and two meth zombies. While doing so, she strikes up an odd friendship with a stripper named Ulyana.  Deciding that enough, is enough, Shirley becomes Shirley F’N Lyle and begins VIVA the REVOLUTION, which is her commitment to putting the old Shirley in her past.

While this sounds very positive, Old Shirley is not ready to be put to bed yet, so she frequently invades Shirley F’N Lyle’s thoughts and tries to tear her down. An abusive john quickly shows Shirley that she needs to take some drastic measures to protect herself. This involves her purchasing a giant Ruger, which leads to meeting the handsome gun store owner. Meanwhile Ulyana has disappeared and Shirley is desperate to find her. In doing so, she must go through the list of suspects which include the Russian mob, her abusive john, and the 83-year-old drug lord whom they believed that they already killed. Life has gotten extremely complicated for Shirley, but it allows the VIVA the REVOLUTION cause to take root and allow the new Shirley F’N Lyle to shine.

I absolutely loved reading Shirley F’N Lyle! While most people get to curl up and read all day when they are snowed in, I allowed myself this pleasure because it was 115 degrees outside. I turned up the AC and curled up in a blanket. I did not want to put this treasure down until I was done! The author Clayton Lindemuth has done an excellent job by creating a fast paced, laugh out loud tale of angst and redemption. He created a plot full of twists and turns, with a character that is surprising likeable. I found myself cheering her on.

What impressed me the most was that underlying the humorous aspects of the tale, of which there were many, there is a tremendous amount of personal development for both Shirley and her sidekick. This touch gave the story an extra level of depth which made it even more enjoyable.

Readers who enjoy stories written by Hiaasen, Leonard and Evanovich will want to read “Shirley F’N Lyle” by Clayton Lindemuth. So much fun to read! In addition to looking forward to reading the next book in this series, I also plan on checking out other books by this author!

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