“Blood on the Chesapeake” by Randy Overbeck

Randy Overbeck
The Wild Rose Press (2019)
ISBN 9781509223282
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (9/19)

“Blood on the Chesapeake” is the first story in The Haunted Shores Mysteries by Randy Overbeck.

Darrell Henshaw, a high school teacher, is newly hired by Wilshire High School. This school is a little different though, as it has the reputation of being a haunted school. It began years ago, when a former student committed suicide; and it’s constantly reported that he walks the halls of the school. Henshaw, as soon as his classes began, noticed this strange silhouette of a person, standing in various parts of the school, including his classroom! Later, the teacher learns a very disturbing fact. He learns this town and the people have hidden a very ugly secret – a 30-year-old murder in the high school! Henshaw and his new love begin to follow a trail, a dangerous trail, that eventually leads to the murders of two more individuals. Should he keep up his investigation? Could he be the next victim? His lover?

As with many mysteries, you can’t give away certain information, as this has the tendency to taint the storyline. But one thing I can tell you out the box – this novel is zig zag! I’ll explain what I mean. Ever attempted to finish someone’s sentence and they didn’t go where you thought they were going? Ever thought you were certain you knew the ending to a movie or television program and was totally wrong? Yes, this is one of those types of books!

The story from its inception is a set up! The author brilliantly places you on a known journey, and later you realize you’ve been duped! That’s what I mean when I stated zig and zag. While you expect a zig, he zags! While you move right, he goes extremely left. When you duck, he dips. The narrative is fast paced, which is designed to further draw you into the “trap.” It’s sort of Alfred Hicthcock-ey! Secret doors, trap entrances, and slippery slopes. Great stuff!

“Blood on the Chesapeake” by Randy Overbeck is a classic novel, obviously well-researched, thoughtful, compelling, and a rapid-fire story. It’ll touch all your various emotions from start to finish, and is the beginning of what promises to be a great series. Well done. 5 stars.

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