“The Solar Patrol” by J.G. Miller

J.G. Miller
Outskirts Press (2019)
ISBN 9781977207166
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (08/19)

“The Solar Patrol” is an epic space opera by J.G. Miller. The adventure begins in 1995, in East Pencreek, Pennsylvania, when a young man shows up, claiming to be Tom Cobalt, who disappeared, when he was 13, with two friends in 1959. What really makes this difficult for people to believe is that Tom appears to be a young man when he should really be middle aged. Tom’s mother wants to believe him more than anyone does. He draws almost everyone in, as he tells what happened all those years ago. His story begins with his friends in high school, and then moves out of this world into the distant future where he was recruited to be in the Solar Patrol.  He provides a lot of detail when he explains the events that took place before and after he went away. He also stokes everyone’s imagination with his tales about the advancements that have been made in technology and the otherworldly beings with whom he now works.  He alludes to danger that some of them are currently facing. He has returned to try to prevent a tragedy that is about to be wrought by an evil man who was also involved with his disappearance.

I loved reading, “The Solar Patrol!” I found the protagonists to be very realistic and likeable. Their characters evolve as they face unimaginable situations. The author also does an exceptional job of seamlessly switching between times and places. When the story is taking place during the 1950’s, that timeframe was brought to life with realistic descriptions. When the adventure moves off into the future, the readers get to see a completely different, interstellar setting. The aliens and technological beings bring a great deal of fun into the story, even if some of them are evil.

“The Solar Patrol,” is appropriate for readers of all ages. This is the perfect novel to be enjoyed by a whole family. Fun, lively discussions will definitely ensue! I look forward to reading more works by J.G. Miller. I truly hope that another book in this series will follow. It would be nice to visit with these characters again, and follow along on more adventures in their past, present and future!

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