“The Enchanters’ Child” by Navya Sarikonda

Navya Sarikonda
Independently Published (2018)
ISBN 9780998025612
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader View (10/19)

“The Enchanters’ Child” by Navya Sarikonda is the story of three unlikely partners as they venture on a common quest to defeat the Sorcerer. Each of the main characters have had their lives affected by this mastermind, and with multiple deaths occurring throughout the kingdom, the three know they have no choice but to find this madman and defeat him once and for all, if only for personal revenge.

Wren, an orphan girl living with her aunt, finds herself on this quest to avenge her parents. When she meets Zayne and Quinn, also individuals who hold high positions in their respective areas of the kingdom, they all understand that the only way to make things right in the world is by risking their lives. Each person has a backstory that makes them who they are. Zayne is a local boy who has an important position in an underground resistance group. Quinn is the person that people call when they need “things taken care of.” During their adventures, the trio encounters mystical creatures, some of which will have your hair raising on end at their descriptions. Magic, heroism, creativity, and overcoming differences are some of the topics displayed in the book and allow the reader to be able to learn from. When the characters face a challenge (which every obstacle initially looks to be), they find a solution either by means of magic, smarts, and/or skills. The way their initial mindset and attitudes were at the beginning of the quest change drastically at the end with a surprise you won’t see coming.

The story and writing in “The Enchanters’ Child” by Navya Sarikonda are very well done. This would be an exciting story for lovers of fantasy novels, such as the Harry Potter series, The Maze Runner series, and The Hunger Games series based on their similarities in storylines and imagination. My guess is it will do just as well as these previous series have. It is refreshing to read about a strong heroine who has the skills and bravery to embark on a mission of this magnitude. It also is made clear in the story that as perfect as she seems, her skills still need to be balanced out with her two partners, or friends, in order to have a successful mission. As already mentioned, the story is well written, exciting, and enticing, and discovering that the author is so young makes it that much more of a special read. Well done.

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