“Love is the Law” by Marieta Oslanec

Marieta Oslanec
LITL Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781733305419
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (10/19)

“Love is the Law: 21 Universal Laws to Activate Your Inner Genius and Uplift Humanity” by Marieta Oslanec is the consummate book about self-love and creating your best life. Inspired by her own journey, the author guides readers through a step by step process of self-discovery, leading to love, happiness, joy, prosperity, abundance, health and ultimately, self-transformation.  It is through self-transformation, Oslanec submits, that we can change the world.

The book is divided into 21 chapters, each highlighting a universal law to be studied and applied in a progressive format. I love the author’s play with words, using her professional experience as an attorney to develop a “lawful” approach to discovering the unique meaning for your life. The laws range from self-love, authenticity, balance, self-healing, intuition, change, and non-attachment, to name a few, ending with “The Law of Love” as the final chapter.

The messages are clear and concise, beginning with the author’s personal experience; each chapter ending with a thorough, informative list of how to apply the law discussed in the particular chapter to your own life.  Make no mistake, while Oslanec provides well-defined, easy to follow guidance, there is much hard work to be done and not all of it will be smooth sailing. One must begin the process with a willingness to dig deep inside themselves, work through their “stuff,” and be able to be open and honest with themselves in order to achieve the full benefits of the practice. 

The author’s journey was a big force behind the connection I felt while absorbing the subject matter. Sharing vignettes of her personal story, she invites reader into her mind, and entire being for that matter, providing a clear picture of who she was before starting her journey and who she has become by applying these practices  in her own life. As she emerges into total transformation, she provides a clear message of hope for anyone daring to look deep inside themselves and begin their own journey.

Fans of metaphysical books and self-help journals will thoroughly enjoy the journey Marieta Oslanec outlines in “Love is the Law,” but it’s definitely not limited to those groups – there is something in it for everyone.  It’s a relatively compact book, just over 150 pages, but packs a powerful message. I read it all the way through completely for the purposes of this review, tabbing several pages along the way, and plan to revisit the laws individually, at a slower pace. It’s a process and a journey that is too good to miss.  There are also several opportunities for deeper involvement noted in the back of the book that may be of interest to readers, such as one-on-one coaching, workshops, phone support, retreat opportunities, and a wealth of information provided on her various websites, the main site relating to this book is www.loveisthelaw.com.

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