“The Baron and the Enchantress” by Paullett Golden

Paullett Golden
Published by Paullett Golden (2019)
ISBN 9781732834262
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (10/19)

“The Baron and the Enchantress” is an exquisite regency romance, the third book in the Enchantress series by Paullett Golden. I love a good historical romance and after reading this book one thing is for certain – I will be back-peddling to catch the first two books in the series I missed!

The story follows Lilith Chambers, a parish midwife, and Walter Hobbs, Baron Collingwood.  Lilith, raised in an orphanage, is rediscovered by her long-lost brother, who thought she was dead. When confronted with the truth about her past, Lilith grapples with the harsh realities that make up the differences between the social classes, and the feeling that she doesn’t belong to either set. Walter Hobbs is coming into his own, searching for purpose as he struggles in coping with the untimely death of his father and his subsequent inheritance. When the two meet sparks fly for both of them, but for very different reasons – Walter is smitten with Lilith, but she won’t have anything to do with him – he represents everything she despises about people of his class. Can the two work through their differences and find love and happiness or will society keep them apart forever?  

“The Baron and the Enchantress” is a treat to read, for so many reasons. The opening pages promise an entertaining, lively read and Golden does not disappoint. The well-written prose is a delight, the author’s voice compelling readers and drawing them into the story with an endearing, captivating plot and genuine, authentic settings. From the uncompromising social conventions of the era to the permissible attitudes and behaviors within each class, it’s a first-class journey back in time.

AND…as vivid and enchanting as the settings are, from the opulent ballrooms to the simple country cottages, it’s the characters that take the story to the next level for me. I guarantee you will form some kind of opinion of each and every character. Normally I find my strongest opinions reserved for the main characters but there are a couple of catty, simple-minded ladies really provoking my ire, making me want to just reach into the pages and slap them!  I love it when the characters incite such strong emotions in me while I’m reading – love ‘em or hate ‘em – bravo and kudos to the author!

Lilith is a character readers will enjoy connecting with – she has a genuine personality with realistic character defects and equally appealing attributes. She’s insecure at times, choosing to avoid confrontation, but also stands her ground when circumstances warrant – she clearly picks her battles. She is a woman ahead of her times, forging through barriers that hold average women in place. Then there is Walter. Poor Walter, such a gentleman, so prim and proper – he doesn’t dare bend the rules of society. But he wants what he wants and won’t give up too easily.  I love the genuine affection he feels for Lilith and feel sorry for him when he finds himself at the receiving end of Lilith’s petulance. Walter is definitely one of the good guys.

“The Baron and the Enchantress” by Paullett Golden easily ranks as one of the best historical romances I have read in some time and I highly recommend it to fans of romance, history and the regency era.  Fabulous reading!

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