“Saxxons in Witherston: A Witherston Murder Mystery” by Betty Jean Craige

Betty Jean Craige
Black Opal Books (2019)
ISBN 9781644371497
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (10/19)

“Saxxons in Witherston: A Witherston Murder Mystery” by Betty Jean Craige, is set in Witherston, Georgia, involving two connected crimes…maybe three! The first, the body of Crockett Wood, a radical white supremacist who was found murdered, shot in the heart in an outhouse. Then a local candidate for mayor turns up missing! When Detective Mev Arroyo and her teenage twins dig for the truth, they uncover a past filled with bigotry, betrayal, and deceit.

The investigation leads to a surprising conclusion! In 1968, a black man was murdered, and his white fiancée was raped and disappeared. Did Crockett Wood kill the couple? Did he know who did it? Why was he shot? Why was the local candidate for mayor missing? What connects all three crimes? The town of Witherston is about to face a horrible incident that happened over 50 years ago! 

“Saxxons in Witherston” is a murder/mystery written in a unique way. First, the book keeps the readers informed with such side information as the time of day, dates, secret-written diaries (so the reader will know who’s thinking what…”brilliant concept”). Also included are newspaper articles and announcements, timelines, and even the weather each day! Why? First, to inform the reader of the timeline of each story and crime! Secondly, it brilliantly places the reader “in” the story!

As you read each page, you’ll find yourself immersed in the story. It’s written with a nostalgic flair, similarly like watching a black and white movie classic! It isn’t fast-paced, which is exactly why it’s a good book. No rushing the details but giving the reader time to digest the information. “Saxxons in Witherston” also makes one feel like they’re a detective! As each detail of information is revealed, the end result is the reader attempting to “figure it out!”

“Saxxons in Witherston: A Witherston Murder Mystery” by Betty Jean Craige wasn’t easily put together in a haphazard way. The various twist and turns took time to formulate! In addition, the various word usage displayed in the book smartly fits right at the right time. I’ve read many murder/mysteries, but every now and then I enjoy reading one that would make a good movie. Well Done! 5 stars.

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