“Darksight” by DC Mallery

DC Mallery
Black Opal Books (2019)
ISBN 9781644370612
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/19)

“Darksight” by DC Mallery is an insightful psychological suspense that will take you on a thrilling ride!

Audra Carter is an adventurous risk taker. A tragic car accident at a young age not only took the life of her mother, but also caused a brain injury that stole Audra’s vision. In spite of this, Audra lives a full life – she deejays in New York City while living independently with her guide dog. Her father, Jensen however feels guilty because he was driving. Jensen is a neuroscientist who, as a result of the accident, has dedicated his life to research that involves restoring vision. He desperately wants Audra to be a participant in an experimental study that he hopes will be successful.

Initially, she is not interested because she already functions well using her gift of blindsight, a knack that Audra has for being able to maneuver around things, without any sight. She uses her gift at a higher level by engaging in daring activities such as riding a bicycle on the busy city streets. Audra is afraid that tampering with her brain might cause her to lose her blindsight, but to appease her father’s wishes, she agrees.  She joins in with an eccentric group of research participants and starts treatment. Things start happening shortly after the experiment that appear promising, including a gift called darksight. While it holds promise for restoring a different kind of sight, something has gone awry and several of the participants start dying horrific deaths. Audra gets pulled into the drama and soon learns that other agencies are involved with this research and their insidious goals go way beyond sight restoration. Audra and her father are embroiled in a dangerous game and must do whatever it takes to survive.

Author DC Mallery has created an incredible thriller that is almost impossible to put down. If I didn’t have a job, I would have read it in one sitting. I love the complexity of the characters, including the ones that I didn’t like. The plot is extremely complex, yet not overdone. The twists and turns the story leads the reader on keep you guessing. The heroine begins as a person with depth, but as she faces challenges, she really evolves into a woman of incredible strength. We have to go into her childhood to gain a greater understanding of how she develops into a woman of such strength. We also get to watch her discover the truth about her past and how it affected her today. I hope to see Audra and her father again in future stories. Mallery also does an incredible job of being able to bring the story to life, in vivid detail. Readers will feel like they are actually watching the action from inside the pages.

Fans of science fiction, suspense, and thrillers will love “Darksight.” It would also make an excellent selection for a fiction readers group. Lively conversations are guaranteed!

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