“Two Skies Before Night” by Robert Gryn

Robert Gryn
Robert Omeljanivk (2018)
ISBN 9781942392088
Reviewed by Araceli Noriega for Reader Views (11/19)

Robert Gryn’s sci-fi novel, “Two Skies Before Night” sets out to walk readers through a double murder mystery set in an alternate universe in which social dilemmas masquerade as astute criticism of our own society. Mr. Gryn’s ability to transport his reader to an alternate universe is nothing short of extraordinary. Readers will be forced to think introspectively while being mesmerized at the imagery and the talent for creating a completely new universe in the minds-eye. 

There are numerous masterfully written passages in this novel. Early on, the protagonist is describing a city with many buildings and he compares it to a forest. In doing so, he plays with a visual metaphor (i.e. the idiomatic expression “you can’t tell the forest from the trees”) and reminds the reader about the value of different perspectives (classic element of works of excellent science fiction). Mr. Gryn constructs fantastic phrases like:

“…his drab suit bleeding into far beyond the confines of its fabric.”

“Somebody wanted to take his mind, making him lose everything he was and everything he was going to be.”

 “the artificial lines that come with using dreams were less visible today”

These bits of narrative seamlessly flesh out the scene in which they are used, but they also carry some meaning for us in this universe. This book will be especially appealing to fans of flawless sci-fi storytelling. Mr. Gryn’s world-building is thorough and continuous. He entertains with vivid imagery and compelling storytelling.

I’m a fan of science fiction books but I am generally let down, as I am a very picky sci-fi reader. This book is a winner in my mind, not only because it was such a thrill to follow the cast of characters but also because I am hoping to one day write as well as Mr. Gryn does. From what I have learned about writing in this genre so far, this novel fulfills the fundamental elements of solid science fiction writing quite effectively. While it does a lot more than just fill the category of science fiction, it will serve as one of my sources for guidance when working on my own sci-fi short stories.

I recommend Robert Gryn’s “Two Skies Before Night” to anyone looking for a tried and true sci-fi mystery. With stunning imagery the author gives readers a chance to escape and reflect while watching terror quickly unfold in a relatable fantasy. Bravo, Mr. Gryn, you’ve hit it out of the park!

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