“The Easy Way to Enlightenment” by Leigh Ann Kittell

Leigh Ann Kittell
Balboa Press (2018)
ISBN 9781504398749
Reviewed by Cathleen Stout for Reader Views (11/19)

Over the years I have been struggling with meditation and grounding, never feeling I can just let go. There just seems to be so much mental clutter in today’s society that we may feel disconnected from our true selves. “The Easy Way to Enlightenment: Lessons to Give Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life” by Leigh Ann Kittell has given me the key to understanding my spiritual connection to the universe.

When you follow your spiritual path it can be very confusing as to what steps you should take, what tools you should use and how to even begin? This book is a great starting point.

I have always found the connection we have to Mother Earth to be fascinating. “The Easy Way to Enlightenment” not only shows you the way to include nature in your everyday lives, but also explains that the earth itself stabilizes your inner self. Which makes complete sense for anyone who has ever used the seven chakras to balance your energy centers. Using crystals found in the earth, which give off different vibrations, helps you align the central points along your body. The author does a wonderful job explaining how our life force, our soul, is connected and formed through these vibrations of the earth. The lessons found throughout the book are very easy to follow. I enjoyed combining my daily oracle pull with the guidance from this wonderful book.

Manifestation, giving your life force to your intentions is the mental energy we project. This energy can be potent and sometimes can affect the people around you. “The Easy Way to Enlightenment” helps you to anchor and channel this energy into your desired outcome. The author states, “your attentions create, attract, influence, and connect you to vibrations.”

You will find an abundant amount of helpful information on connecting with the divine through many types of religions, book suggestions for yoga and meditation, affirmations (great to use with oracle cards) and different tools to see yourself from a new perspective.

“The Easy Way to Enlightenment: 7 Lessons to Give Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life,” by Leigh Ann Kittell can help you to open up to a greater understanding of yourself, and the connection we have to Mother Earth. There are vibrations all around us, we just need to find a way to receive them. I highly recommend this book for anyone starting on a spiritual path to enlightenment.

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