“Gray Heron” by John Wilde

John Wilde
Bluewater Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781949711004
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (2019)

Who or what is the Gray Heron? The author certainly explains it well in this novel. To Leroy Overstreet, he is an old friend, a gray heron, an actual bird that often makes visits to him. Not just in the flesh, but in his soul. Leroy craves a life of adventure as he approaches retirement. He resolves himself to settling down to a quieter life; while helping raise his niece’s children….Lela and Rye.

What he’s not prepared for is how their young lives will affect his own! All the while that gray heron, that timely bird, always visits that creek behind his home; a constant and yet comforting presence for him as he struggles through despair and hope. That bird is a constant reminder of the spirit that dwells in each of us. Through those children, he learns that he doesn’t know it all.

The main characters in this novel are very endearing. The life that Leroy Overstreet lives is both complex but yet simple. Simple in the sense that he suffers from what we all suffer from; life’s constantly challenging our inner spirit. Complex in the sense that sometimes the children in our lives can open that curtain of doubt and despair and show us wonders!

“Gray Heron” by John Wilde is a very interesting and entertaining book. The words, and in particular the usage of timely words, are used brilliantly to bring the story to life. This is vital for a novel. I really felt while reading that I was the character! I laugh, cried, yes cried, experienced bouts of anger and disgust; every emotion that makes a good story.

It’s obvious that much research on material content and syntax were well thought out. The story appears genuine. And that visit from that gray heron is brilliantly added as an additional character, confirming Leroy Overstreet’s spiritual journey. “Gray Heron” by John Wilde is well-written book that would be well received by anyone breathing, especially to those of us that desire to be better parents, grandparents, and human beings…5 stars easily!

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